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MYtime time recording solution

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  • Automated timesheet creation - minimises user effort.
  • Extensive customisation.
  • Easy data entry.
  • No training required.
  • Go Portable install to a usb key and take your timesheets anywhere
  • Extensive on and offline help.
  • Customise your layouts - Your personal settings are recorded for future use.
  • Easy-Share functionality - quickly share tasks, projects and clients with other users.
  • Quick History function - easily edit previously submitted information
  • Auto-Save - guarantee your data is safe
  • Automated warnings for tasks near due dates.
  • Adjust time recorded against a task whilst recording time.
  • Detailed reporting against the tasks and projects grouped by user and or client.
  • Optional timesheet authorisation functionality.
  • Optional Invoicing functionality.
  • Unlimited upgrades and e-mail technical support for one year on registration
  • Works with Windows XP and upwards
  • Improved user customisation, including the ability to show or hide details such as project and client classification from the user.
  • Automatically start on windows startup.
  • Creation of user types to restrict/grant access to programme functions.
  • Auto-pause for lunch.

Note the features listed above are not available in all versions of the MYtime software.

MYtime Standard - Full Description

The MYtime automated timesheet application providing minimum user effort in recording time and detailed reporting of time and costs. Simple time tracking for Programmers, Writers, Lawyers, Consultants .. which can be customised to your needs. No training is required and extensive help available.

Features includes easy-share functionality to pass client, project and task information to other users, plus a quick history function to review and or amend submitted timesheets. Autosave functionality to save your data every 10 minutes.

These build on the easy to use time tracking system. Which automates the creation of timesheets allows the user to customise the details displayed and provides detailed reporting against the tasks and projects.

MYtime Standard - Full Version Information

Released: April 2015
Platforms: Windows (XP and upwards), Linux and Mac

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial

Minimum System Requirements
Pentium (or equivalent) processor
10 MB of free hard disk space

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