Why Time Recording Makes Sense

the great benefits of time recording

  • Prioritise Funded Work

  • Justify Additional Funding

  • Identify Unproductive Practices

  • Cost Change Requirements

Recording your time with MYtime can give you these and many other benefits.


Getting a true picture of the actual time spent by staff on there weekly tasks is a powerful tool to leverage your business knowledge and ensure that the staff maximise their potential.

It is easy when using standard time recording software to rely on user perception of task duration, tasks which annoy or irritate are often over stressed in time recording, while those completed at the start of the week are under stated and a skewed perception of the weeks work is submitted.

Convincing senior management of costs and benefits can be so much easier when you have the data to illustrate your case. Often administration and support is under costed and can vary widely on a client-by-client basis.

MYtime cuts through this problem by providing easy minute-by-minute recording available to the user at any point in the working day. Unlike its competitors it is designed specifically around the automated creation of timesheets and minimises user effort.

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