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How do I upgrade ?

Uninstall the current version of the software (MYtime or Quicktimesheets or Multi-Timer) NOTE - YOUR DATA WILL BE RETAINED. Double click the downloaded exe file. The install will proceed and automatically pick up your existing data.

How do I uninstall ?

Go to the Start button, Select Settings, then Control Panel. Double click the Add/Remove Programs option. When the screen is displayed, select the product you wish to uninstall and Select the Remove button. Note that your data files will remain.

How do I use EasyExport ?

Simply right click on the grid in one of the following screens:

  • Quick History
  • Task Maintain
  • Project Maintain
  • Client Maintain
  • User Maintain.
Select the export option from the menu. A dialog screen will appear. Select the option that you wish to use either cvs for a text file, htm for a html file, doc for a Microsoft Word file or xls for an Excel file. In the Standard and Professional editions the associated programme will be automatically started containing the exported data.

How do I use EasyShare ?

The EasyShare functionality allows you to share your Client, Project and Tasks with other MYtime or Quicktimesheet users. Note this is not the time spent on those clients/projects or tasks but the details you see in the maintenance screens. If you wish to share your information then go to the Review screen. Select File, then EasyShare and export. This will display a save dialog which lets you choose a location and name for the file. Send or pass that file to the person you wish to share these details with.

In their version of the software, they need to go to the review screen select File, Easyshare and then import. Locating the file where you have put it on the disk and pressing ok will add your clients, projects and tasks to their listings. These will then immediately be available in the drop down selection options.

Do I get free software upgrades and new releases?

The purchase of a licensed copy of the software entitles you to one years free upgrades.

How can I move around the system using the keyboard ?

  • Use the tab key to move right to the next cell.
  • Use shift-tab keys to move left to the previous cell.
  • Up and Down arrow keys move between tasks.
  • The data will automatically be selected for edit.
  • The space bar will select or deselect a checkbox.

At any time before you exit a cell use the escape key to cancel the change and revert to the original value.


How can I select the columns to be displayed ?

Go to the Review Screen, then Select the Options menu item from the Timesheets Menu. The Display Options information box on the General tab shows the columns which you can select. This affects both the main timer screen and the Review screen.

On the Submit Tab you can see further column selections again in a display options information box.

How can I set the working hours per day?

Go to the Review Screen, then Select the Options menu item from the Timesheets Menu. The day duration allows you to set the number of hours considered a working day.

How can I set multiple tasks to be active?

Go to the Review Screen, then Select the Options menu item from the Timesheets Menu. If you de-select the one task active option then you may select multiple active tasks. The system will no longer automatically deselect a task when another task is set active.

How can I prevent users creating tasks in the Main Timer screen?

Go to the Review Screen, then Select the Options menu item from the Timesheets Menu. If you de-select the allow automatic task creation option then the users must go to the Task maintenance screen to create tasks.

When does the Review screen automatically appear?

The Review screen is automatically displayed when you start the application if a full week has been entered and the user has not already submitted the timesheet information for the previous week.

Why does the Review Screen automatically appear when I start the application on a Monday.

The previous weeks timesheet needs to be submitted prior to recording time for the new week.

How do I set up MYtime to pause during my lunch time ?

From the main screen, select Review. The review screen will appear. Select options, On the general tab you can set the start time and end time. [Standard and Professional versions only]

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