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5 Star Rating For MYtime Standard Edition, QuickTimeSheets Free and Standard 100% Clean award for our QuickTimeSheet and MYtime products Quicktimesheets Standard - File Flash 5 Star Award Quicktimesheets Free 5 Star Award

Coming Soon: re-built time sheets with versions for multiple platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac


MYtime - time management with automated time recording and timesheet generation

MYtime - a time management application with automated time recording and timesheet generation to save your time. It requires minimum user effort in recording time and provides detailed reporting of time and costs to give you accurate results.
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This is an easy to use time tracking system for Windows®, completely re-engineered for 2015 with new features and new system support

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Also Available - the MYtime Free Edition


Quicktimesheets - easy to use timesheets  

QuickTimesheets - a time recording application for Windows, Mac and Linux which enables the user(s) to simply and easily record time and costs for clients, projects and tasks.
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Easy timesheets for Programmers, Writers, Lawyers, Consultants and more. No training is required and detailed help available. QuickTimeSheets is portable - simply install on a usb key and take your timesheets anywhere.
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Also Available - the QuickTimeSheets free edition



Multi-Timer - an easy to use Timer which allows the user to Track the time spent on multiple tasks. Each task can be separately identified and is recorded for subsequent use.

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Pillar IT Services News

April 2015 - MYtime and Quicktimesheets re-engineered and re-launched on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac)

July 2008 - MYtime and Quicktimesheets go portable - take your timesheets everywhere on a usb stick. The application and data go with you whereever you go, perfect for contractor timesheets or people who regularly move office.

March 2008 - Now available our new articles page. The first of our new time management articles is online on our articles page

January 2008 - New versions of MYtime and QuickTimeSheets Launched. New features include easy-share functionality to pass project and task information to other users, plus a quick history function to save time reviewing and or amending submitted timesheets.

July 2007 - New Editions launched, all the functionality of the free editions but with added client options and export options. Plus the ability to automatically pause time recording for lunch.

February 2007 - QuickTimeSheets Launched. Easy timesheet application, but with time-saving features. Enter your weekly timesheet with ease, bring forward last weeks details and quickly enter your work.

October 2006 - Initial Launch of the MYtime timesheet software. Throw away your timesheet templates and let this automated time recording solution save your time.

Don't miss our new articles page. Here is a taster article on Management

Easy Time Management in 4 steps

Everyone can benefit from managing their time, and in most cases you probably are doing at least a little time management already. If you use to-do lists or enter a timesheet regularly you will have some of this skill already. Adding a little more focus and effort can realise the full potential of this ability. Even if you are new to time management, it is a simple skill to learn, but one which can bring you huge benefits.

This article takes you through the first step of managing your time, shows you how easy it is to develop this skill and the benefits of identifying the tasks that you have to do and are important to you to complete.

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